Price your Home to Sell


Buyers see potential in a home, but they also look for every flaw!  And, they want to ensure they are paying a “fair” price.

Sellers most always love their homes.  And, they do not see flaws.  They remember the good memories and time with friends and family in the home.

A home is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it! 


If the buyer is obtaining a loan, the lender must appraise the home for at least the amount the buyer is paying.  If it doesn’t appraise, the lender will not agree to the loan. 

The goal is to find the sales price the buyer and the seller feel is fair.

It is the real estate agent’s job to accurately price your home based on my knowledge of your community and the “comps” of similar home sales support my recommendation.

Highest List Price:    The higher the list price, the longer the home will take to sale.

List at the highest level if you are not in a hurry to sell your home and you want to wait for top offer.

A home that is on the market a long time becomes an “old” listing.   Agents and people often perceive an “old” listing as there is something wrong with the house because it hasn’t sold.

Medium List Price (Preferred):  This price will allow some room for negotiations and the “Comps” will show this price is fair.

Lowest List Price:    You want to sell your home quickly!

Discuss your goal with your real estate agent to find the right price point to sell your home.