Prepare Your Home To Sell


Imagine you are seeing your home for the very first time!  

Make a good first impression!   Pretend visitors are coming to your home.

A clean, uncluttered home is attractive to buyers.   Remember, a buyer will want to envision how their furniture and belongings will fit into the home.

Imagine what a buyer will see when looking at your home from their car or street.

Ask yourself if the yard is landscaped, is the home entry and front door clean and freshly painted, does your fence need paint?

Clean walkways, weed the garden, add potted plants or flowers, mow lawn, and remove from sight clutter.  Look at your front porch (door, ceiling, exterior walls), and fences, do they need to be cleaned or re-painted?

Make home repairs to doors, broken fixtures, water leaks, replace worn carpet.  Are your baseboards clean or do they need painting?

Remove clutter and personal items!  Minimize the items on the countertops, tables, pictures on the walls, etc.

Clean everything!  Wash floors and grout, countertops, light fixtures, baseboards, carpets, and windows in every room.

Organize your closets and garage space.

Stage your outdoor and patio living areas.   Declutter and clean the BBQ and firepit.

Do you have pet or smoke odors?  Do not use flowery perfume to try to cover up the odor; address it!

Paint strong wall colors with neutral colors.   Remove wall paper!

Consider removing excess furniture and stage furniture to make the room look larger.

Open the curtains; allow maximum light in.   Place fresh flowers on the table.

Ask your real estate specialist to give you advice about your home.